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HTA campaign highlights the benefits of plants in the workplace

As business budgets come under increasing scrutiny, the HTA led Greening the UK campaign is reinforcing the benefits of having plants in and around the workplace and highlighting why office plants shouldnít become the latest victims of cost cutting.

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Research compiled for the HTA by the University of Reading¹ has revealed that green space and planted areas are proven to help to deliver substantial social and environmental benefits. The provision of green areas and having plants around office buildings has been shown to reduce employee annual sick leave by as much as 23%.

Within offices it has been proven that plants improve air quality, remove carbon dioxide and toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This reduces the phenomenon known as ‘sick building syndrome’ according to scientific research.

Research has also shown that working in green surroundings can often result in employees reporting higher levels of job satisfaction and well being, lower stress levels which in turn lead to lower levels of absenteeism in the workplace, a reduced staff turnover and the ability to attract a higher calibre of new recruits.

It has also been proven that planting can lead to an improved economic performance for local areas and a rise in productivity and creativity levels amongst employees. Green surroundings also present a good impression to customers and clients and potential employees and are highly beneficial to local businesses.

Greening the UK is the horticultural industry's campaign to promote the role of plants and open green spaces in creating environmentally and socially sustainable communities. Launched in September 2007, the campaign’s aim is to highlight the decline in planting on new urban development sites over the previous decade.

Tim Briercliffe, HTA Business Development Director said: “Businesses are understandably feeling the pinch but cutting funds for green areas and office plants would be counter productive in the workplace. Greening the UK has been set up to offer advice on how green planting can greatly benefit a community. Everyone enjoys a high quality, green planted landscape in the areas where they live and work, but this campaign is there to highlight benefits that green landscapes can provide in terms of environmental, social and economic improvements.”

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 ¹ PLANT FOR LIFE Briefing Report:  8 December 2004 Ross Cameron and Sarah Swan - University of Reading




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