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Garden Spender Portfolio

Understanding and classifying garden consumers

Grey gardeners

The Garden Spender portfolio is a set of resources. It comes in two parts which help businesses to:

  • Segment and describe households into nine different types of 'Garden Spender'
  • Target high spending garden spender types whose garden needs suit your strengths


1. Our Garden Spender Segmentation classifies UK households into nine different 'Garden Spenders'.  There's a Garden Spender Profile describing each segment and a user guide full of ideas for using it to improve your business. Check them out and make sure you know your Gardening Elders from your Al Fresco Aspirations!


2. Our Garden Spender Area Report shows how many of each type of garden spender there are in different post code areas around your store.  it also shows how much garden spending potential there is in different areas.  It's ideal for working out which post code areas to include in door drop or other local promotions to drive footfall.  used with the segmentation, it can also help you work out what 'hooks' to use in such promotions.


Linking the Garden Spender segments to Mosaic

Each of the nine Garden Spender types is made up of a grouping of the 67 Mosaic types who are similar to each other in their attitudes and spending on gardens. HTA members can obtain a list of which Mosaic types correspond to the different Garden Spender segments. This will enable the segmentation to be used for targeting promotional activities, database profiling, and other similar activities. To request this information, please email quoting your HTA membership number.


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