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Plant of the Month - March

Pansy/Viola - championed by Esther Rantzen CBE

Plant of the Month 2014

Create a Spring time gallery in the garden with pansy and viola

Encourage your customers to create a Spring time gallery in the garden this March with pansy and viola, the HTA's Plant of the Month for March 2015.

These little works of art will soon start to bloom ready for early spring. With abstract splashes of colour they have one of the widest colour ranges and can brighten up any garden space by being planted in beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets. In fact they are a great plant to back the Love the Plot you've Got campaign from the Garden Industry Marketing Board.

Recommended varieties include: Viola 'Aspasia', Viola cucullata, Viola 'Jackanapes' and Viola 'Moonlight'.

When planting pansies and violas in the garden it's worthwhile considering some contrasting companion plants like shrubs which can complement their mix of colour and lower height. Daphne bholua ‘Jacqueline Postil', also known as Nepalese paper plant, is an evergreen medium-sized shrub with highly fragrant deep pink and white flowers that are followed by black berries. While, Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae, also known as Mrs Robb's bonnet, is a spreading evergreen perennial with dark green leaves from which arise large rounded sprays of yellow-green flowers.

Broadcaster and gardener, Esther Rantzen CBE, the celebrity champion for the month has a great love for pansies and violas. She says, "I love pansies for their soft colours, all the shades of blues, purples and golds, and for their faces, turned down, as if in contemplation. As Ophelia said, ‘There's pansies, that's for thoughts' - and indeed the name comes from the French, pensees. They look fragile, but in fact they are tough, they can survive anything except the burning summer heat, and they seed themselves and return, year after year. And outside the garden wall their little wild cousins, the violets, send out their fragrance to reassure us that spring is on its way".

Nominated and agreed upon by British growers and retailers, the HTA's Plant of the Month campaign highlights the plants that are widely available and looking especially good each month.

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Special thanks to Burston Nurseries for supplying the pansies, violas and pot for this shoot.

Click here to accessthe Plant of the Month year pack, including high resolution photos.


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